Blue Flower

Five series that are in a 20-minute format for busy people that still need to get work and other things done once they get home. After a long day, everyone will agree that there is nothing better than just chilling. You get home, it’s late, you’re hungry and you just want to relax. I managed to rank the 5-top series to watch, in my opinion, after a long, stressful day.

1. Rick and Morty – 3 seasons (and still running)
The only adult animated sci-fi series of this list. If you’re looking for something funny and different then this is the right series for you. You follow the life of Morty, a young teenage boy, and his grandfather an always drunk genius, traveling through different dimension and other worlds. Over the past years it became a must see and it will definitely take your mind off of your problems.

2. New Girl – 6 seasons (and still running)
Did everyone at work (or school) annoy you today? Do you just want to hang out with your best friends, but you can’t? Then, New Girl will offer you a virtual group of friends and will give you the comfort that you need. Jessica Day and her bright attitude will guide you through her and her friend’s adventures. This series will definitely cheer you up!

3. The Big Bang Theory – 11 seasons (and still running)
Probably my favorite go-to series if I need something easy to watch after a bad day. You follow the life of Penny, a free-spirited actress who moves across the hall from a couple of self-professed nerds. Chaos ensues as the roommates attempt to make space for her in their lives and the friends she brings along for the ride. This is definitely a funny series that is always up to date when it concerns the geek community.

4. Lovesick – 3 seasons (and still running)
Netflix is your best friend when it’s about finding new shows to watch. Lovesick is about Dylan, who after being diagnosed with an S.T.D., does the responsible thing and contacts all his former lovers. However, when he starts tangling with the past, it unearths romances that have long been dormant. The actor’s British accent is a plus and we get attached easily to the 3 main characters : Evie, Luke and Dylan.

5. Awkward – 5 seasons (Ended)
This is the only show on the list that isn’t still running, but as I am talking about easy going series I couldn’t leave aside MTV’s series Awkward. The story is about an unpopular 15-year-old, Jenna Hamilton, who gains immediate, yet unwanted notoriety at her high school when the student body mistakes an inadvertent accident as a tragic suicide attempt. Narrated in the first-person voice of Jenna’s blog posts, the series captures the teen’s embarrassing struggles as she copes with her new-found popularity and chronic clumsiness.

(you can also find all of the series above on Netflix, and I’m not paid to say this)