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The festival of lights of Lyon

During 4 evenings the city of Lyon puts itself in its best light. The city sparkles with a thousand fires thanks to its lights. Different artists present their works to you in the streets of the city, on the walls and monuments so that you can spend a magical moment.

But where did this event come from?

In 1850, religious authorities launched a competition for the creation of a statue, with the aim of sending a religious signal to the top of the Fourvière hill. The sculptor Joseph-Hugues Fabisch made this sculpture in his workshop on the banks of the Saône.

The inauguration scheduled for September 8, 1852 was postponed to December 8 due to a flood on the Saône. But on D-Day the bad weather was not there again. The religious authorities about to cancel the inauguration the sky suddenly clears. Spontaneously the people of Lyon have candles on their windows, at nightfall the whole city is illuminated. The religious authorities followed the movement and the chapel of Fourvière appeared during the night.

A celebration was born!

From now on, every 8th December, the people of Lyon put lights in their windows and walk the streets of the city to admire exceptional lighting installations.


The monuments to see absolutely this year 2019:

- The ephemeral meadow of Place Bellecour.

- Cloud pickers on Fourvière Hill.

- A very small story of light on Place des Terreaux.

- The giant of light Quais de Saône.

- And especially the river of lights on the banks of the Saône but be careful you can only see it on Sunday December 8 at 7pm!


But the festival of lights will come back next year for more events if you haven't had the opportunity to come.