Blue Flower

How traveling can inspire Art 

Whatever the idea (or point of departure) - a desire for the sun or a desire to escape, flight, wandering or exile -, the journey has always been for the source artists inspiration, influences and exchanges. Borders, migrations, mass tourism ... The question of travel, exile and circulation is recurrent today in the artistic gesture. 

When you go visit a new city, by yourself, you can see all of the little details that the city has to offer. When comparing it to other countries that you have been to, you can tell that the architecture is different, the colours used have different meaning and especially the people. You can see the culture of the city through all of these elements, and when you look close enough, every single detail can be an inspiration. One of the benefits of traveling is that you can discover a whole different world from yours, and be able to inspire your art through these different cultures. Even if the culture or style of art is completely different, that doesn't stop inspiration from happening. On the contrary, it may create something extraordinary. 

Traveling can also create dialogue between cultures. In most art pieces, some old pieces of work, those who are very known or not have been re-visited. Today, you can see thousands of different artwork such as of the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ painting by Leonardo Da Vinci or even Micheal angels famous painting “the creation of Adam” - that have been recreated and added a modern touch to it, with modern effects and style. This is what happens when you mix different cultures together. Obviously the original one stays the most authentic, but that doesn’t stop other artists today to be inspired by it or to change it with their style.