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A weekend in Lisbon!

Lisbon, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but also one of the most charming. A vibrant capital, especially at night in the busy alleys of Bairro Alto. I give you advice to discover the city:

- Tram 28 for Alfama

Take this mythical tram line, which offers the most beautiful route in Lisbon. A real time machine that goes back in time through the city's districts (Graça, Alfama, Chiado...). You can go up to Jardim da Estrela to explore the steep alleys of the Alfama.

- Lisbon from the viewpoint of Santa Luzia

This belvedere with its arcades and garden offers one of the most beautiful views of the rooftops of the old town and the Tagus. A place dear to all lovers of the city, dedicated to the Order of Malta.

- Taste grilled fish and fado in Alfama

More than 100% lisboet pleasures. Eat a grilled fish in a tasca, one of the small taverns typical of Alfama. Go with instinct, letting yourself be guided by the smells, the atmosphere, the scenery.

- Futuristic Lisbon in the Nations Park

Still on the periphery, a different face of Lisbon, which emerged from the ground on the occasion of the 1998 Universal Exhibition. It can be flown over by cable car to take the measure of this futuristic district.

- The estufa Fria, the cold greenhouse of Eduardo VII Park
An amazing place, located north of Lisbon, which forms a real oasis of freshness in summer or a place to warm up in winter.

L'Estufa Fria, la serre froide du parque Eduardo VII

- Come and enjoy the Mercado da Ribeira

One of the best places to enjoy a meal at low prices in the Portuguese capital. Under a sumptuous glass and steel hall, the Mercado houses many stands where all the prodigious chefs of Lisbon have gathered.

If you don't know what to do during a weekend and want to change your scenery, Lisbon is the destination for you!