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During a trip, two main questions arise: What will we visit? and, Where will we eat?

As a result, when you travel to the USA you will certainly wonder where you can find something to eat. Here are 5 chains not to be missed!


Dunkin' Donuts:

Whether it's for a coffee or a doughnut (a popular American doughnut with a hole in the center), this address is one of the most popular among Americans all day long. It is a place not to be missed for the simple reason that you will not find any once you return to France. Indeed, even if the franchise has been developed in Europe, the market has still not been opened in France.



Breakfast renowned chain, you must taste the American breakfast! Plates as wide as a MacBook are available with eggs, bacon, sausages, patty, pancakes, waffles and more. You can choose how to cook your eggs, add the desired supplements, have a coffee, juice or milkshake in addition...

The prices are a little high for a meal (about $15 per person) but you won't regret it!



A kind of McDonald's in a more qualitative way, you will find everything from breakfast to dinner. From pancakes, to salads, burgers, meat pieces and desserts, there is something for everyone and prices remain reasonable.


The Cheesecake Factory:

The place where cheesecake fans must go, but not only. While it is certain that you will find dozens of different cheesecakes and for all tastes, the dishes offered are also delicious.

Whether it's salads, burgers or pasta, it's a chain that will leave you with the impression of a luxury restaurant with its decoration and the kindness of its waiters.

The plates are well stocked and it is likely that you will need to ask for a doggy bag.

Even if the prices of some dishes may seem slightly high to you, remember that it is unlikely that you will finish your plate. I therefore advise you to share and/or choose the medium or even small size of the dish when it is offered.


BJ's :

Present in 27 states, this chain is full of food, from soups to meat dishes. But the best is the nachos (order them under the name chips and queso) as well as the pizookies (soft minute cookies with ice cream on top) a real treat!!!



Go ahead and come back only when you have gained a few kilos, because at more than 1000 kcal the dessert at BJ's for example, the USA will amaze you, and your stomach.

And here are some other bonus addresses: