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            Allianz and Waze have joined forces to launch an innovative road safety campaign that is much more relevant to the connected world in which we operate on a daily basis.

            Allianz, the leading European insurer, offering insurance and various financial services, has been partnering with the Waze Community Navigation App since 2015 to promote its road safety campaigns.For their first collaboration, the two companies launched the Family GPS campaign, a campaign that allowed Waze users to change the standard voice of GPS with more familiar voice packs.

            For this new partnership, the two companies have joined forces to launch an innovative road safety campaign around a report: 73% of accidents occur near the home. The awareness campaign, associated with #LaRoutine.

            With a community of several million users in France, Waze is for Allianz a very good means of dissemination for its latest road safety campaign dedicated to trips close to home.

Online and visible on the Waze mobile application from April 2017 to January 2, 2018, the objective of this innovative campaign was simple: to make drivers aware of the risks taken by their driving habits during their home trips.




            Specifically, when a Waze user was stopped on a familiar commute near his home within 10km, a banner appeared on the app with road safety messages to encourage him to be cautious. Waze, which allows its users to define an address as "home" or "work", thus used the geolocation data at its disposal. 

            These 3 prevention messages, which were displayed only at times when the vehicle was stopped to avoid distraction of the driver during his journey, were highlighted by Waze at the top of the smartphone screen.

            In addition to his banner campaign on Waze, Allianz has also made several shifted video clips to emphasize that we should all be wary of routine, not just on the road.