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You always have dream about you " send to the air " by tasting a delicious meal? Thanks to Dinner in the Sky, it is possible from now on. If you do not know this new concept of restaurant, then discover the fast in this article !

The concept is called Dinner in the Sky and it is organized in every corner of the world. For 10 years, the event (Dinner in the sky in VF) takes place in most big cities of the world. His concept? Propose gastronomic meals 50 meters away from the ground. Dinner in the sky, which is also the name datum at the flying table on whom have dinner the dinner guests, so crossed the heavens of more than 40 countries, among others: India, South Africa, Dubai, Brazil, Japan Colombia or still Mexico. 

A unique and spectacular experience

Dinner in the sky organized a lot of dinners all more incredible some than the others. The flying table overflew magic places such as Strip from Las Vegas to the United States, Marina of Dubai, the hills of the Villa Borghese in Rome or still the Banks of the Saint Laurent in Canada. During one hour, the dinner guests taste a gastronomic meal concocted by regional star chefs, within a nacelle warmed and protected from the wind and from the rain. Perched 50 meters away from the dry and just land below their feet, the customers overhang magnificent places.
It is necessary to take out all the same the purse to be able to offer itself this incredible moment of escape - between 250€ and up to 950€ - according to the place where is the restaurant, events taking placein the surroundings but also according to the hourly period.
Since last November, this concept is in Dubai - where the perched restaurant will stay until May - not far from famous "Palm Island". In when France?

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