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Technology is alienating us.

Does Technology Make Us More Alone?


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It is evident that in our nowadays world, technology appears in every aspect of our lives and is used daily. Technology and social media were made to connect us to one another, from one corner of the world to another. For example, Facebook allows us to find very old friends and to keep in touch with them throughout the entire day.

Traditionally texting and Facebook where one of the only ways to communicate with friends.  Now a day there are a lot of different social media such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Due to technology, we are becoming less human and our interactions with other people aren’t real anymore. Nowadays, we are used to sending messages that do not contain emotions and face-to-face conversations are rarer day by day.

It is now rare to pick up your phone and call to your friends house like we used to do when we where kids, now we just pick up our smartphone and don’t even hear the voices of our friends, we can answer to the messages whenever we want so it doesn’t allow us to have a proper conversation because we are no longer interacting with our friends in person. To the point in which the majority of people don’t even know their family's phone numbers.

Another argument that supports the fact that technology is making us feel more lonely is the clear idea that instead of watching a movie at home with your entire family, we prefer staying by ourselves in our closed room without taking our eyes from a 10-inch screen.

All these actions lead us to the point in which we are becoming very dependent on our smartphones and they are the first thing we look at when we wake up every single day.

I truly believe that our smartphones are getting in the way of socializing. We talk to a lot of people and see everyone’s lives on social media but in reality, just a few of them are actually our friends.  We also base our lives around them, pretending everyone is doing fine when in reality a hug or a talk is what they really need. Additionally, we are followed by a lot of people that we don’t even see or talk to on a daily basis. This makes us believe that we have a lot of friends but really the majority of our followers don’t really care about us they just care about our life and what we do because that’s what people do now.

Therefore, it is important to hold a clear distinction between social media and real-life, understating that not all we see in there is real and that friends are not just those who like your picture or text you but those who are there when you really need a hug or when you are phasing a hard situation.

In my opinion, technology does have made us more alone.