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What to be Thankful for


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Most of the time people take a lot of things for granted, they are not aware and appreciative of what they have or can get in life.

I myself sometimes don’t realize how lucky I am and do not appreciate it as I should.

People think that we have to be grateful only for material things but really there, are way more important things to be thankful for.

At the end of the day, we are all going to die and all those material things that we get over the years are not coming with us and are going to disappear over the years.  Happiness, health, and love are the top three things we should look and be grateful for.

Being thankful is enjoying and living your life to the fullest and at the same time being aware of it and its benefits.

It is actually really simple because we can be thankful for such simple things as being alive.


First of all, I am not only thankful for the material opportunities provided, but also emotional, because I have a loving family, two parents, that love me and try to give me all they can. They are always supporting me even in the very rough times and I am conscious of all the opportunities they have provided me.


Secondly, I am thankful to have a roof over my head and a warm home that I share with my parents. Also, to have water and the necessary food to not go hungry.


Thirdly, I am thankful because even though I don’t have a lot of friends I know I can count not only on my parents but also on my best friend called Mariana. She is always supporting me and makes me smile and laugh when I am facing hard situations.


Fourthly, I am thankful because I found love. Even though I am young, it is always a beautiful thing to experience. Being in a relationship has tough me so much about the world and myself even though it sometimes hurts and breaks my heart. Those disappointments had tough me to be stronger.


Additionally, I am thankful because my mom is finally cancer-free, I would never be able to live without her, and she is my whole life. She faced such a difficult time and it was a very hard time but it made us all stronger in my family. In fact, I grew a lot and I realized I had to live every day, as it was my last because everything could change from one day to another and once again I believe in the fact that things, people and emotions cannot be taken for granted.


Then, I am thankful to have had the opportunity of moving from a country to another and learning new languages and cultures, even though I didn’t want to at the beginning and was very hard. The setbacks that have formed me and made me stronger and have added to my international personality.

Therefore, I am thankful to have an education, for being able to read, to talk properly and to be able to have an easier door towards my future.

I am also thankful for having an education and having the money to pay for my studies in one of the best universities in Lyon. 

I am thankful for every single experience I have lived.

I have visited a lot of beautiful countries all over the world and have enjoyed magnificent landscapes that a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to see.


Last but not least, I am thankful for being healthy because it is very hard to be happy when you are not physically feeling good I am also thankful because we live in a country where we have a lot of social help and it makes it easier when we are seriously ill in terms of money.


Writing this has made me realize how thankful I am and how showing your thankfulness most not be just once a year, but all year long because every single day you have at least one thing to be thankful.

Feeling thankful regularly puts you in a very good mood and gives you positive energy.

The more thankful and grateful you are the more you get in life.