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This article aims to focus on a B2C communication strategy. The advice to follow is therefore intended to ensure communication to the consumer.

With a commitment rate 120 times greater than Twitter, Instagram serves as the keystone of successful communication for any company wanting to exploit the digital lever.

How to master this great tool? Here are our 5 tips that will help you boost your results!

1) Impact:

First of all, you will have to tell a story about your products, your philosophy and your values. This story must please your customers. They must feel that what your brand stands for is in keeping with their own values.

Of course, the quality of your photos will be essential, so make sure that it is at the rendezvous, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed on Instagram anyway.

The Instagram Stories feature can be a real storytelling asset - it is devilishly effective in connecting with your community. Indeed, it offers your customers a different perspective on their brand in real time.

This is an opportunity for you to show behind the scenes, to promote new products, to establish proximity with your customers.

Moreover, the brands have understood and the statistics prove it: a third of stories published on instagram are by brands.

2) Create and animate a community around your account:

Competition in the world of start-ups is tough, especially on social networks with 1.5 million SMEs operating in France in 2018.

So how do you get out of the game? By personalization!

Indeed, the feeling of proximity with a brand contributes to the act of purchase. The goal is to give the user the feeling of being unique and that the brand cares about its specific needs. This is rare and highly appreciated in the face of competition for standardization.

By adopting an indbound marketing? (strategy that aims to attract your customers rather than soliciting them and to retain them until they become ambassadors, proximity to them is important), it is crucial to federate a real community allowing subscribers to become ambassadors of your brand.

Word of mouth and user recommendations in their contact circles, physical or social, is an effective tool to support the growth of your brand.

3) Be creative

As said before, image and aesthetics are central to Instagram. You must therefore be creative and for this, various tools are available to you:

Illustrations, banners, videos or panoramics: these different types of visual content will allow you to express yourself by playing both on the background and the form.

The compact and mobile smartphone offers interesting possibilities such as splitting, underwater photos or macro. This offers a great spontaneity to the photographer who can easily capture the moment. A tool not to be underestimated, therefore.

But beware ! Your content must remain relevant and related to the world of your brand. And for that, you can take inspiration from Pilot Pen or Starbucks, who are true experts in the field.

4) Transparency

Transparency is a key word that should not be forgotten. Because if you know how to listen to the consumer, by giving an accessible image, you will be able to create a link with your customers.

In addition, Instagram can become a crucial step in customer service as returns are filtered out. This allows you to test new ideas by having a large panel available. On the other hand, the establishment of an active watch will allow you to know in real time the public's perception of your publications. This will allow you to improve your publications but also to be able to compare them with those of your competitors.

5) Exceed the borders:

Instagram can increase the visibility of your brand internationally. Indeed, the "made in France" is experiencing a boom and is prized by foreigners. Many success stories are based on the attraction of a foreign clientele.

For that, the use of relays and community valuation is essential: Insert foreign customers in your posts, show them that you take them into account by thanking them for example.