Blue Flower

The policies RSE (Corporate social responsibility and Environmental) are more and more used by companies but also more and more anchored in the strategies of the brand. Indeed, numerous companies become soaked with policies RSE to be estimated consumers who always carry more importance with the environmental values. According to a study of Denjean and Partners, " The French people approve by a large majority in 90 % the companies which make a commitment in projects of common interest. "

Nowadays, the RSE thus became a criterion of appreciation for the consumers with a brand. This one thus has to play with a communication based on the RSE to have a better image with the general public. For them, French are not only perceptible in food rather premises or the protection of the ecosystem but also sensitive to vegetables, to climates, to animals, etc.

The population appreciates beneficial actions to the environment which the marks undertake. Thus it passes by products or services says "green" which work to improve the living conditions of animals, in the improvement of the ecosystem or in the trend of "food better".

These policies are very developing in particular for all what concerns the premises, as much for the jobs as for the harvests or the treatments of products in factories. The premises dominate in France. That's why brands as Lush managed to establish on the market French in spite of them high prices. Cosmetics hand-made of Lush are products of superior qualities made with biological raw materials. Thanks to their communication, they managed to obtain a very positive image and takes place in the " top of mind " organic cosmetics for French.

Finally, 97 % of the French people claim to be ready to give up the services(departments) or the products of the big groups to buy in small companies which advocate the environment. That is why it is important to bet on a communication based on the RSE because it is put forward(advanced) since a few years.,ZmJyZXVpbC9kb2NzL2VucXVldGUtcnNl,2.pdf