Blue Flower


Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, has a function called “Story” (since August 2016) where more than 300 million users post et follow daily live stories. Today, Instagram has won the race of the best stories against Snapchat, who originally invented and launched this function. 

In consequence to Instagram stories’ huge and major success, the company decided to offer brands the possibility to post up to 3 contents (photo and/or video) in the format of an ad (or a sponsored post) in Stories.

Netflix, Gap and Paramount are the first brands that have tested out this new advertising method.

In France, Renault is the first client to test it out in the format of Carousel Stories in order to increase the new Renault Captur’s awareness and to engage and reach new audiences via a dynamic, fun and innovative format in order to generate more traffic on their website. Those Carousel Stories’ target is to make users live the moment (of the new Captur car) in a more intense way by using camera modes such as the Boomerang, Stop-Motion and by inserting emojis and hashtags.


We’re still waiting to see what this new trend will bring us and we wonder how will other social media platforms, having the same “Story” function, will react to Instagram’s successful wave.