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Why Brands should use Digital Advertising nowadays


Digital advertising is basically about doing promotional advertisements to consumers through the internet and digital platforms (websites, apps). Digital advertising includes online advertising, promotional emails, banner ads (etc.).


This marketing strategy has been developed thanks to the advancements of new technologies. Today, everyone has access to the internet; it is a way for us to communicate with everyone all around the world, and it has become inevitable. Following this attitude, brands need to use this channel in order for them to spread their message and to be able to reach the consumers directly. 


Digital advertising is interactive, which immediately gets the brand closer to the consumers. It can reach thousands even millions of people at a time. Many new tools have been created in order to analyse consumer behaviour, what they like or want for example, and that helps brands to know their consumers. This could help to target a certain population and therefore offer them what they could like or need. Other tools such as SEO or SEM are used to buy traffic onto the brand’s website, in order to gain more visibility and awareness. 


This strategy helps to measure advertising performance, gain awareness, perceived value, accessibility, emotional connection and loyalty. These factors are very important for a brand to take into consideration, because these are what help the brand to be successful. 

What makes digital advertising very interesting here, is that its constantly changing its nature. Because technology never ceases to develop itself and innovate new things all of the time, marketers need to be aware of these changes in order to adapt new skills while keeping the competition up. Everyone now shares their information though social media, more data is available, and this enables advertisings to be more targeted than ever. 


The way advertising has changed over the past 50 years and the way it keeps on changing is incredible. Today there is so much more competition, and being different is a lot harder. 50 years ago id a brand could afford to be on the radio or on television you could dominate because you had high-top-of-mind awareness; and comparing that to now, brands have easier access to being visible thanks to the technological and digital advancements. 


As said before, the internet is inevitable, it is probably the fastest and easiest way to reach your consumers. Plus, with the large sphere of competition present on the market, you need to be able to differentiate yourself and have skills that are in line with the newest technological developments.