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Lead nurturing is one of the processes to improve the qualification and maturity of existing leads in the database, or leads acquired through inbound marketing or prospecting actions.

What is lead nurturing?
In marketing, the notion of lifecycle stage is omnipresent. These levels of maturity are usually as follows:

Contact Subscriber
This contact is the least advanced in maturity and usually it interacts with the brand by subscribing to a newsletter. It is a segment with uncertain motivation.

Contact Lead
This contact showed interest for the company by downloading a guide, a white paper or other. He transmitted his coordinates via the submission of a form.

Contact MQL or Marketing Qualified Lead
It is a marketing qualified lead that is considered to have reached maturity and presents an interesting fit with the company's offer. It is usually at this stage that the contact is sent to sales representatives via CRM integration.

Beyond that, sales people are involved and we are talking about SQL contacts, opportunities, customers or promoters. In a logic of lead nurturing, we deploy tools and techniques aimed at transforming a maximum number of contacts into MQLs. In this way, we are able to continuously feed the sales pipeline and improve their productivity.

Lead nurturing via a marketing automation solution
Lead nurturing is a marketing automation process that consists of sending specific email communications to contacts that have been previously generated. Depending on the segmentation in place, specific automated email sequences guide your prospects towards the purchase decision. Marketing automation solutions allow us to implement these steps for your company.

So, if you already have an interesting base of contacts but need to be qualified and mature, lead nurturing is an appropriate method. Most of our customers who implement these new tools are thus required to create maturation or qualification programs and to integrate existing contacts as new leads resulting from inbound marketing activities.