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Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Founded in the 17th century by English settlers, it was the scene of the Civil War that ended slavery and the American Revolution.

It is a city that will probably remind you of London or other European cities. It is a place not to be missed when you visit the east coast of the USA or Quebec: only 4h30 drive from New York City and 5h from Montreal.


The places :

• Historical : 

The easiest way to see almost everything is to follow the freedom trail, a path that runs through the city. You will have completed the tour in approximately 1h30. Starting with Boston Common, the park facing the State Capitol of Massachusetts, and ending at Bunker Hill, a war memorial, you can then take the ferry to come back to the harbor and downtown. 


• Universities : 

Two of the world's most famous universities are located in Cambridge, a city close to Boston. You can easily reach the other one in 30 minutes by foot.

Harvard is the very first university in the United States, founded in 1636, it was named after its very first benefactor: John Harvard.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded in 1861 and is often considered as one of the world's leading universities.


The food :

- Lobster roll: a "hot dog" from the sea. Lobster meat mixed with a mustard and lemon mayonnaise sauce. A bread that looks like a hot dog bread but with crust only around it and toasted in a pan with butter. You will find them at Quincy market for example but eating a real one prepared at home by a Bostonian will remain the best memory of your time in the United States!

- Roastbeef sandwich: presented as a club sandwich or a burger, this sandwich is made up of a multitude of thin slices of roast beef, mozzarella and/or cheddar cheese and a brown sauce, different for each restaurant. Despite its unattractiveness, this sandwich is very soft and it's a good way to discover Boston's culture. It's such a popular sandwich that you'll have no trouble finding it.

- Cannoli: Cannoli is a pastry of Sicilian origin but you will find it everywhere in Boston, especially in the North End district, THE Italian district of the city. I recommend the ones from Mike's Pastry. A paste similar to that of  French bugnes filled with cream... Caloric but divine.



The Surroundings:

Nahant and Marblehead are two islands (Marblehead is in two parts, one connected and one island) located respectively 30 and 40 minutes from Boston by car.

These are two perfect places to stroll or go to the beach in summer and be amazed by the view in winter!

Nahant has a superb view of the (remote) Boston skyline and the sunsets are spectacular. Marblehead is smaller and much more intimate.

If you go to Marblehead I strongly advise you to go through the mainland part to stop at the "Little Harbor Lobster Company", a fish shop that fish soups, lobster rolls but also and especially lobsters and they are certainly the best you will eat in your life. They are sinned and then brought directly back, when you arrive at the store you will see the boats in the small port.


It's up to you and above all, don't stop at these tips, discover as much as you can. Boston is full of amazing stories and places!