Blue Flower

Well basically I decided to write my last article about my desperate need and desire to get a dog for Christmas.


I had a dog years ago, a small dog, his name was Apollon, he was the coolest and the cutest dog in the world of course. But, unfortunately he died from a cancer at age 8, which still, is quite young for a dog.

Since then, I've been begging my parents to get another dog. I just miss it so much, I mean having a dog is just something  amazing, you can pretty much do anything with him. From cuddling, to walks, play, eat.. I mean, the list goes endlessly...

Very unfortunately as well, my parents don't really share my opinion. They say I wouldn't be able to fully take care of a dog because I am barely at home, and they're not wrong about that, but still.

I keep wanting one, so I repeat it, everyday, all the time and at all times, I just keep telling g them I want a dog. But I guess my strategy is not really efficient because I still have no dog and my parents seem to not have it in sight :(

Very sad. A dog can bring you so much joy and happiness, I really wish I had one.


I am now going to include a few pictures of very cute dogs in here, just to remind myself that dogs are the best thing in the world, for their loyalty, their friendship and their endless love.





Cuteness overload I can't deal with that ! Hope I'll be able to get one one day soon ! I am not giving up!