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Atypical places in Barcelona not to be missed!


Barcelona is full of great places to visit. Everyone knows that Barcelona is a city that moves and never sleeps day and night, you will always find people and things to do. But there are some places that are cooler than others, of course.

El Xampanyet

A restaurant to sit in is not a good place to sit. Indeed you will not find tables or chairs like all the usual restaurants. You will have the opportunity to taste delicious tapas accompanied by a cup of standing cava and all this in the very good company of the owner who will serve you.

Carabela Café

Mexican restaurant located next to the port, well known to young people in Barcelona. You can enjoy delicious burritos, tacos and of course nachos with cheddar and guacamole. Perfect for relaxing over a beer after work while enjoying the sun.

La Rosa Negra

A popular erasmus bar where you will meet many people. The atmosphere is good. Don't forget to try the Barcelona speciality "Leche de Pantera" which is a mixture of cold milk and alcohol.

El Bombón

This place is absolutely wonderful, but to get there you first have to get into a taco. At the bottom of the latter is a door covered with plants. All you have to do is push this door to enter this wonderful bar with its exquisite cocktails. You will immerse yourself in the typical Spanish atmosphere with couples dancing salsa right in front of you.

Bar Jardí

After a good shopping day on Passeig de Gracia you will be happy to find a little greenery and tranquility in the middle of La Rambla. You will have to go through a piercing salesman's passage. If you feel like it, you can take the plunge... But I grant you the place may seem a little gloomy but it's worth the detour. Once at the end of the driveway just climb the few steps and you will be cut off from all the frenzy of this city. You can even hear the birds singing.


Here are some atypical places in Barcelona, don't hesitate to visit them if you feel like it, you won't be disappointed!