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Do you hear negative about Texas all day long? You don't know what to think about that?

Discover 3 places that will certainly make you want to visit the second largest state in the USA!


- Austin - The capital of Texas !!!

You can visit the state capitol, go kayaking on the Lady Bird River and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the top of the hill where the graffiti park is located.

Austin isn't the biggest city of Texas but you got to see it !


- San Antonio - The 7th largest city in the United States !!

A city where it is extremely hot and humid. It's no wonder that a Texan walks when it's 48 degrees Celsius in the shade (add the sun and humidity and you'll reach 55 degrees Celsius in less time than it takes to say).

You can discover the historic centre that will immerse you in the western world, visit the Alamo, an historic building dating from 1718, the River Walk, a walk along the banks of the San Antonio River that will enchant you and Wild West, a bar where you can learn how to dance the two steps, also known as the Country dancing with locals.


- Port Aransas and Corpus Christi !

Port Aransas is an island where life is good, the air of the Gulf of Mexico will do you the most good after the overwhelming heat of San Antonio. The water is warm, the beaches without tourists (not like in California or Florida) and the small holiday homes on the beach are very pretty. Photography lovers, this is a place you would not want to miss because the potential is so great.

Returning to the continent you can pass by Corpus Christi, one of the best coastal city in Texas and especially the city hosting the Texas State Aquarium, a must-see place for young and old alike.



You are ready to visit the state of the western!