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Fetival of the Dead in Mexico

In Mexico, this festival is one of the most important in the country. On November 2, it is an opportunity to celebrate with joy the loved ones who have left us.

This feast is different from All Saints' Day, celebrated on November 1st, the latter is a Catholic feast where the Church celebrates all the saints, known as unknown. The Day of the Dead, it takes place on November 2nd. Catholics celebrate their deaths by going to flower their graves and pray for the salvation of their souls. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a real celebration that marks the temporary return to earth of deceased loved ones.

The origins of the Feast of the Dead in Mexico

This festival dates back to the Aztec civilization. They celebrated first the children, then the adults. With the arrival in the 15th century of the Spanish settlers, fervent Catholics, the dates of these two festivals were changed to coincide with All Saints' Day.

The rituals

The Festival of the Dead is a joyful and very popular moment in Mexico. The graves are cleaned and decorated with candles and orange flowers. Altars are also erected in the houses. Included are photos of the deceased, candles, incense, flowers, sugar skulls, candy, bread for the dead, etc. It is here that offerings are made to the dead to please them, such as their favorite food, alcohol, tobacco, or toys for children. A path made of flower petals is also made and represents the path that souls must take to the altar erected in their honor.

A celebration

Parades, shows, entertainment... people parade in the street to the rhythm of joyful music. They disguise themselves with make-up and folk costumes, such as that of La Catrina, representing the skeleton of an old lady wearing a flowery hat. They head to the cemetery, where family and friends gather around the deceased's grave. The opportunity to share with him his favorite dish, to drink alcohol and to laugh.

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