Blue Flower

Next term I'll be heading over to Budapest in order to spend the whole semester there and attend classes in English at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

But why did I choose to go to Budapest when other destinations such as New York and Los Angeles where available to go ?


Actually and first of all, Budapest is the cheapest destination. The cost of living is very low compared to here in France and compared to the US.

Secondly, the city, which is Hungary's capital is world widely known and recognized for its architecture and museums, which means there's a lot of things to do there and a lot of places to visit.

And to top it all of, besides its very very active nightlife, Budapest is reputed for its baths and OH MY GOD, let me tell you I'll be spending a lot of time in baths and at the spas there, I'm really looking forward to it !!!


Also, I recently got told that Budapest is well known for its pastries ! Which is a dream to me because pastries and sugar are definitely all that I love ! 


I mean, a semester full of spas sessions and pastries besides the courses and night animation, what more could I ask for ? And all of that for a very reasonable price ? I scream YES ! 


Let me just show you a few pictures of the city that illustrate my words :