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1) The questions

- What are your passions? When we don't know where to start: the passions, the joy we feel in carrying out this or that activity is a good indicator.

-What are your values? What do you value in depth? What do you consider necessary and useful to lead a meaningful life that contributes to your well-being and that of others? What are your desires? Here is a good way to catch your personal aspirations as long as you get out of your internal schemas (that of your parents, your friends...).

- What would you do with your life if you were not constrained? What would you be ready to dedicate your life to?

- What do you want to contribute to making the world a better place?


Try to answer these questions calmly, listening to your heart and thinking logically and rationally.


2) The signs


Signs play a major role in my daily life, they are like the backdrop of my life. Paulo Coelho's book The Alchemist was the instigator.
Since then, I have been trying to learn to decipher the signs of life as one would learn to decipher an alphabet. However, interpretation is not universal, it is unique and allows each person to fulfil his or her "personal legend" (dixit P. Coelho). By dint of reading the signs, they become individual words that end up forming a sentence.
According to the author, if we are faithful to our personal legend, the whole world changes and the things we touch are also transformed.

I completely subscribe to the thought that we each have one thing to do on Earth. Thus, to fulfill one's personal legend is to harmonize the voice of reason, which is of great use, with the voice of the heart which manifests itself in us through feelings, intuition.
It is precisely when we listen to our heart that we know precisely what we have to do here, since it has always known it.
And even though we may move away from it at times, life gives us the opportunity to get back on that path again and again. And the trials we face are opportunities and even a need to "sharpen" ourselves in order to be able to responsibly assume our mission.


3) Knowing how to cut negative relationships


Knowing how to cut out negative relationships: those that depress us, that contribute to devaluing us. Already enough brakes during our childhood, adolescence have been recorded and it is important to free ourselves from them.


4) Get out of your habits / Take risks


Life becomes an adventure when it is punctuated by small or big challenges to overcome, which spark creativity, stimulate the imagination and trigger enthusiasm.


5) The power of the heart

Today's world has been built on the basis of a soulless rationality, as if it were depoetized, and tries to eradicate and deny anything that does not conform to this thought. The latter excludes any reference to subjectivity, sensitivity, intuition and perceives reality in a mechanistic way.


The work in neuroscience carried out by the American institute HeatMath has made it possible to demonstrate that the heart is endowed with its own intelligence independent of reason. It would thus be the gateway to our intuition and would be able to perceive, memorize, process, send and relay information independently of our thinking and reasoning brain.

In this study, it is shown that not only does the heart respond faster than the brain, but it can also predict future events by a few seconds.

It is the center of our potential for well being, is linked to our intuitive intelligence.

It is the way to access the right, the essential, our intuition, it harbors the truth, the one that makes us know intuitively, if something is good for us or not.


6- Food


Gluten, additives, animal products, refined sugar, tobacco, alcohol... are all foods to be banned from your diet if you are in search of your deepest essence as they "smoke" our minds.

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