Blue Flower

On November 8th, Uber announced a new partnership with the Nasa. This famous transportation company wants to create flying taxis with a good price and a control system of air traffic at a low altitude.

The first trials will begin in 2020 in cities such as Dubai, Los Angeles and Dallas because they already have the necessary infrastructure such as heliports on rooftops for example. However, the commercialization is not planned before 2023 so be patient! Uber’s goal is to minimize the time of the ride for its users. These flying taxis look like little helicopters and they will reduce by three the time of a car ride. In the beginning, flights will have a pilot, but in the future, they want to develop automated flights without pilots. The process will be as simple as ordering a car ride. The user will just have to order his flight through the app and then go on the roof to take his UberAir.

Uber innovates the world of transportation through technology and a more ecological way. Now it must prove its reliability.