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The destiny of Liza 

From her real name "Elizabeth Koshy", Liza is an American actress known for this famous YouTube video.

She have now more than 12 million subscribers on her Youtube channel and more than a million views on these videos. This will earn him the nomination and win two Stream Awards and a Teen Choice Award.

First, the success of Liza Koshi debuted on the Vine platform in 2013 with the nickname "Lizzza". At the death of Vine Liza cumulated more than 5 million subscriber. In 2016, she decided to change platforms and publish videos on Youtube. Liza will have the chance to interview President Barack Obama on her YouTube channel to encourage young people to vote.

Her success is due to her facial expressions, the fact that she is afraid of ridicule and are huge ability to make puns on everything and nothing.

His humor is on many topics  which are not always easy like anxiety, menstruation or even man-woman relations.

Finally, Liza Koshy has become one of the fastest-growing personalities to see 10 million subscribers on Youtube.