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Toyota's new "Start Your Impossible" advertising campaign highlights Paralympic athletes.

These athletes are often described as combative and persevering and we do not know what they live every day. It's with this idea that Toyota decided to create an Instagram account: SeeLikeMenna to immerse us in the daily life of Menna Fitzpatrick, a visually impaired skier who has only 3% vision.

In the various posts she is discovered in her sport practice, her training and her daily life. We can then share his vision, and put himself in his place to understand his disability.

It is as part of its partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games that Toyota has realized the "Start Your Impossible" campaign. The brand has also imagined 8 TV spots that value athletes and their courses but above all their love of sport and perseverance that lead them to achieve the impossible.

Thanks to this campaign, Toyota has been able to reposition itself in an intelligent way, not only as a car manufacturer but as a mobility player; it goes beyond the traditional car and opens the way for mobility in general to move freely and fulfill its wildest dreams.