Blue Flower

Well, I have been to Canada this past summer for a period of five weeks. And trust me this is a long time.

Why ? Well, I've been there because I followed my significant other who was actually doing his internship in orthopedic surgery there.

What are my thoughts about the country ? Well, during those 5 weeks I had the opportunity to visit a few cities such as Montreal (a few time by the way), Quebec City, Ottawa, Shawinigan, Trois Rivières and all the country side in between those cities because we did drive there.

During the week days, when my boyfriend was at the hospital for his internship, I had to occupy myself, so I tried to find a job and I distributed quite a few of my CV.

Unfortunately, in the city I was staying at they were not looking for labour force in any field of activity... So I did not manage to work there... Which led me to financial difficulties in the end... But overall I managed it very well (just found myself almost broke when coming back home) and I got to watch the whole entire Gossip Girl serie on Netflix, which I wanted to do for a long time ! At least these weeks, which came right after my internship in France, were really holidays for me !


Anyway, I am here to talk about my trip, so let me go through some highlights of this trip :


-Quebec City and the Nina pizzeria :

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I've been to this place twice during my stay there and I ordered twice the same pizza (margherita with high quality buffala mozzarella) which was amazing, their pizzas are truly exquisite and I highly recommend this place if you're a pizza fanatic just like I am !

-Parc Omega, somewhere in between Montreal & Ottawa :



This park was definitely a huge highlight ! Animals were almost all free, especially Wapitis and deers ! It was all fun, you drive and pass by the animals, that's magic, you can touch them and feed them which we did and really enjoy ! Great place !


-Ottawa City :



The capital of Canada ! We enjoyed the city for a whole weekend and it was very very fun ! We really love it because it is by the river, it is beautiful yet very peaceful. Everybody speaks English, it's still dynamic, I just don't know, we totally see ourselves living there !


I wish we could have been to Toronto though, but in terms of time and money it was out of our possibilities... So I really wish we'll be able to go back to Canada one day and go to Toronto as well as Vancouver ! That would be cool !